Citroen Racing World

Citroen may not be the first car you think of when it comes to high performance cars or motorsports, but is by no means a brand which deserves no attention and has played a successful and passionate role in motor sports for numerous years, even as far back as 70 years ago!

You may not know it, or immediately assert it, but Citroen have been reliable, innovative and pretty successful in the motorsports world, making achieving a lot whether it be on a muddy winding rally track or a circuit track. Citroen has a trick up its sleeve for all types of terrain and a look at Citroen’s past proves it.

So please, strap up your seatbelts and if you haven’t already; educate yourselves and enjoy Citroen’s rich and romantic history in motorsports!

Citroen’s success in motorsport has given the company a platform upon which to grow – and it is no wonder that new and used Citroen cars sell so well on the internet. If you own a used Citroen car, whether it is a Citroen C4 or a Citroen DS5, you may well find it interesting to discover the history behind these vehicles.

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