Citroen C6

The Citroen C6 is a large comfortable car found in the executive market. The C6 offers much desired space and high technology for a value price. Add these concepts together and it is easy to see why the C6 is a competitive option.


The Citroen offers a big car size without sacrificing style. The front end has an elegant and unique design with lines that continue along the sides and the rear. The rear window is uniquely styled and enhances the overall image of the car.


The C6’s interior design offers a quality feel that builds on the simplicity of the cabin design. Many cars in its sector offer an array of busy gadgets and technology that tend to clutter the fascia. The C6 has combined technology with simplicity for the driver’s comfort and to increase the overall appeal of the cabin.


Citroen’s C6 comes with a petrol or diesel option for buyers, and includes the Hydractive suspension system.  The car has been designed mechanically to deliver a smooth ride, and incase of impact the bonnet is designed to pop up in order to minimize the risk of injury.


Engine and road noise are successfully minimized for the most part, and a variety of seats are available to help facilitate passenger comfort.



The purchase price for the Citroen C6 is fairly high but is on tack with competitor’s pricing. The C6 provides good value for money and should have minimal servicing costs. The diesel engine is a more economical choice over the petrol engines that are offered.


The C6 offers impressive cabin space with its hatchback style. Both front and rear passengers have plenty of head and legroom. The cabin provides many useful storage places and cubbies, and the boot is a good size and accommodates most reasonably sized items with ease.


The head up display system facilitates the driving experience and helps to reduce driver stress. The centre console houses the majority of the controls and buttons and has a cluttered feeling that contrasts with the simplicity that the rest of the cabin offers.


The C6 delivers a very comfortable ride. Cabin noise has been successfully minimized and the cabin offers comfortable seating all around.


Accessibility to the C6’s cabin is very good. Its large doors open wide enough to provide easy access for both front and rear passengers. Accessibility is fairly straightforward. The large rear hatch provides excellent accessibility to the car’s boot.


The C6 is a large car, but it is still an easy car to park. Front and rear vision is excellent, and the cars light steering makes maneuvering into parking spaces a fairly simple task. The car’s parking sensors provide additional confidence when parking.


Life Style

The C6 is not designed to deliver a fast, powerful ride; it was more designed for comfort and delivers a smooth ride. The car is capable of traveling long distance with ease while maintaining good levels of comfort. The car is mechanically capable of being driven a bit harder, but doesn’t perform as well under these circumstances.


The C6 would make a good family car. Its spacious cabin with all the creature comforts and the high level of safety that is provided is ideal for a family type situation. The C6 could accommodate a family of four or five with relative ease.


The C6 is an expensive car and would probably not make a great first car. It is a large car and a new driver could have a difficult time maneuvering the large vehicle around town or on a crowded roadway. The car’s mature exterior style will probably not be too appealing to newly licensed drivers.


Most Citroens are seen as a value purchase rather than a stylish one. The C6 is helping to turn that image around for Citroen. The C6 offers great value for money, but also displays amazing style and flare at the same time. The car has incorporated a high-tech feel and operability into a car with slightly lower quality cabin materials and is able to compete well in its class. However, the lower quality plastics in the cabin keep the car from competing with serious contenders.


Security and Safety

The car offers remote central locking, laminated side glass, and deadbolts, but could use a visual deterrent as well to discourage theft.


The C6 is equipped with all the usual safety features, including a lane departure warning system and an automatic pop up bonnet. The directional headlamps are also a terrific standard feature as well.


Finishing Touches

The Exclusive models come with a JBL audio system, ten speakers and a six disc CD changer. The controls are easy to operate and sound quality is very good.

The interior of the C6 is fairly well designed. The dark colors give the cabin a more refined feel. The cabin also comes with the choice of lighter colors but doesn’t quite have the same quality feel as that of the darker colors.



With its sleek style and high levels of comfort the C6 offers buyers an affordable executive car. The Citroen C6 carries a value name but offers great quality for the price.

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