Citroen C8

The C8 is Citroen’s new seven-seater. The full-size MPV should attract a lot of attention from potential buyers. The car offers up-market equipment and hi-tech electronics.


The car’s cabin is quite spacious and delivers a good deal of comfort. Some models offer the addition of three electric slide/tilt sunroofs. The seats adjust for comfort but it is slightly difficult to achieve a comfortable drive position.


The two-litre engines must work hard to propel the weight of this huge load-lugger. The 2.2HDi turbo-diesel provides lots of torque and is well up to the task. It provides plenty of power and delivers a smooth ride.


The car provides a good braking system and controls roll quite well. The car’s steering is slightly weighted and responsive. The car’s versatile seating arrangement increases the car’s cargo carrying capacity and the C8’s overall practicality.


Head and legroom is good in the first and second row of seats. The third row enjoys less passenger space and legroom is significantly more limited. Adults will find it difficult fitting in the third row of seats, and children will fit much more comfortably.



The Citroen C8 provides good equipment levels and decent fuel economy. The car should also enjoy high resale values. The car offers a good level of standard equipment and provides good value for money.


The C8 provides excellent cabin space. Front and middle row passengers should enjoy plenty of head, leg and elbow room, while the third row passengers will be more comfortable if they are children. Boot space varies according to the seating arrangement.


The C8’s switchgear isn’t the best quality available. The cabin’s materials definitely tip people off to the car’s cheap asking price. The controls and dials are large enough however, and all function well. Some of the controls feel cheap and flimsy and leave the cabin with a cheap look and feel.


The cabin provides decent levels of comfort. Seats are large and supportive but give away a hint concerning the car’s bargain price. Cabin space is good, and road noise is effectively suppressed. Most passengers will find the cabin to be quite comfortable.



Thanks to the car’s sliding rear doors the car is extremely easy to access. The front doors open wide and provide good access to the car’s front seats, and access to the second row of seats is unhindered. Accessing the third row is a little more difficult and is easier for children or smaller passengers. The boot door opens up and provides a large aperture for easy access to the car’s boot area.


Parking the C8 is a breeze. The car is easy to steer and maneuver even into tight places, and the rear sliding doors make it easier to find a suitable spot to park since the rear doors don’t open out. Good visibility and large side mirrors help out a lot.


Life Style

The Citroen doesn’t bring anything new to driving an MPV; the car provides a controlled, comfortable ride and somewhat weighted and responsive steering. Cornering roll is successfully suppressed and the brakes feel good, as well.


This is an excellent family vehicle. The C8 provides comfortable seating for seven plus cargo space. It can easily accommodate a family and related items. The firm has focused on safety and high levels of safety are ideal for a family car.


This is not a great first car it is much too large and expensive. The C8 lacks all of the stylish features that most first time car buyers look for in a car. There are definitely better first cars on the market.


Most Citroens are seen as a value purchase rather than a stylish one. The C8 offers good value for money and provides a decent family vehicle. The car has incorporated some high-tech features with slightly lower quality cabin materials and is able to compete well in its class. However, the lower quality plastics in the cabin keep the car from competing with serious contenders.


Security and Safety

The Citroen C8 is not likely to become a victim of car theft and comes standard with remote central locking. Passengers should take care to leave valuables out of sight when left in the car.


The car’s standard safety features include ABS, drivers airbag, Isofix child seat anchor points, passenger airbag and side airbags. The car’s large heavy size also adds an additional element of safety to the vehicle.


The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player with a remote control. The unit provides good sound quality and the remote comes in very handy.

The car comes with air conditioning, folding rear seats, front electric windows, front head restraints, height adjustable driver’s seat and the steering wheel adjusts for rake.



The Citroen C8 offers everything you would expect from an MPV. The car also offers features using some unique technology. The car’s focus on safety will be reassuring for many families.

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